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Quality Inspector






Quality Inspector - County Clare. In this role you will beresponsible for leading quality inspection activities; generating weekly, monthly and annual reports; and collecting, analysing & summarising inspection data to drive quality improvements. Core Duties and Responsibilities: Inspection of incoming goods, work in progress, first-off inspections and finished goods. Documentation and maintenance of records of such inspections as required. Liaise with Customer Services, Goods receipts & Purchasing to ensure timely response time to parts waiting incoming inspection. Report any findings of defective products and assist in suggestion for rework and continuous improvement to ensure no re-occurrences of such defects. Notify supplier where required of any defective product found. Liaise with production to ensure quality of all products throughout facility is achieved. Complete First Article Inspections and document reports. Submission of such reports to customers e.g. upload to portals, email to customer etc. Work with calibrated equipment to measure products. Ensure the accuracy, appropriateness and maintenance of all inspection equipment. Create detailed analysis reports on inspection results with suggested improvements. Develop and/or assist in quality improvement schemes that support quality objectives.

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